Number: 9-11-7/2020
  Zagreb, February 15, 2020



Dear People,

We invite you and every Croatian in the country and throughout the word, to PROPORTIONATELY and the best of your/their  KNOWLEDGE, ABILITY and CAPABILITY, to, as soon as possible stand up and help your only Republic Croatia to get out of this immoral and economic crisis which, threatens the survival of all of us and our state, as soon as possible.  
Following rule is an example of other nations that we expect intellectual, physical, as well as financial assistance from to our homeland in order to clean up Croatia of acute criminal and major corruption and, at the same time, introduce morality as a fundamental measure of the value of every human being.
We believe that the true Croat patriots will respond to this call and save their homeland from bondage, debt and have the entire Croatian people be free from slavery and servitude in their own home.
We believe that all members of the Croatian people who agree with the basic concept of the instigators and bearers of all those programs will respond and help to realize these programs:

1.  The Croatian people and their descendants, living and working throughout the world, form a unique entity of the Croatian people in Croatia and in the World.
2.  The Croatian people outside the Homeland should have only one party, that is, The Croatian People in Croatia and throughout  the world, which means, that they do not affiliate themselves  with any political party in the Republic of Croatia, specifically, since each political party aims to pursue only its narrow interests.
3. The Croatian people in the country and Diaspora should cooperate sincerely with any and all political parties exercising power in the Republic of Croatia, as is done by the Diaspora of Israel (Jews).

4. Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not Diaspora, they are a constituent people of BiH, the state of which Croatia is obligate to help, protect, defend and fight for their rights in the international community.
5. Croats in B i H, must have their territory (Canton) as Serbs have theirs.
6. Croats, that is, the entire Croat population outside the Republic of Croatia, should be in the service of the state of Croatia, same as Diaspora of Israel, and organize themselves, as a single entity, to keep and preserve the State of Croatia, as a single entity.  The State of Israel is ready to help the Croatian people, but only on sound moral and pure relations that   unfortunately is not functional to date.
7. The Croatian people should leave history to scientists and historians, and use all available energy to create better conditions for the future of the Homeland of Croatia.
Finally, today all of us need to understand the Croatian people have their own State of Croatia and that she herself is directly to blame for all our troubles and egoism. We must realize there is no Ustaša in Croatia, no Partizans, no Chetniks, no enemies of the Croatian people except ourselves. We ourselves are responsible and guilty of our own troubles. We have our own country, but its blood is sucked out by us and no one else. In this  once great nation we must empower that state for independent living and develop morality and moral norms in it, which must be the basic measure of human value. 

                              Brief explanation:

  The current situation in the Republic of Croatia is very worrying in all segments of Croatian society.
This is the result of the work of the people to whom we have surrendered power from the beginning of the Homeland War to the present day, where all segments of society are contaminated by numerous negativity. Many (large) political parties (HDZ and SDP) serve the ruling, that is, themselves by slowly, mutually, agreeing and strictly coordinating in power for 29 years.

There are increasing number of homeless people every day, 330,000 blocked with families, which means about 1,000,00 citizens of the Republic of Croatia who are unable to meet their basic obligations. Croatia has 1,400,000 retirees, many of whom go through the garbage bin to find something to eat in order to survive. All this is happening in Croatian, which as the natural resources to feed 20 million people, has drinking water as a resource of what was once crude oil, like no other country in the EU. The Republic of Croatia is estimated to have seas and islands that can feed 20,000 million inhabitants effortlessly.
The Croatian State was plundered by Croats who returned from Diaspora and rulers of Croatian. Together they adopted a joint non-national Laws to usurp millions of valuable real estate such as Hotels and other commercial establishments and legal entities  (businesses) through Management Loans and become owners of real estate without a single kuna or dollar of their capital. 

(Many who lived around the world were incapable of earning a decent living, but in Croatia, and criminal activity, they became millionaires and some even billionaires)

The greatest moral damage was inflicted on the Croatian people is because today, the Croats in Croatia, condemn the Croats who returned from Diaspora and robe them. At the same time the Croats from Diaspora condemn the Croats in Croatia who robbed the Croatian people and the State of Croatia.  The truth is, they both robbed the Croatian people and that the evil is worse today. They are pushing each other to prove who is more guilty, which proves they are the problem.  

Unfortunately, this destruction and plunder of our nation has been going on for 29 years and there is no hope that the attitude of authorities toward the people will change without  hearing out a nation that has a lot to say!  This will happen when Croatian people finally say enough!: 

Enough Slavery!  And when she implements the system of managing strategic resources, Croatia will become the richest country in the world, in accordance with the Constitution which, clearly shows that: Power comes from all Croatian people and belongs to all Croatian people, so the process of saving our homeland can begin and be saved from certain doom.

The current state of affairs in the Republic of Croatia is such that no one created power, money, media and national property by which the sovereigns have various privileges. When they buy dishonorable Croats to serve them, and it is the Croatian people themselves who are plundered  and suffer with various non-national diluted laws turned into a commodity dismantled to make it easier for them to govern. 

The Croatan people have no power, no money, no media, no national property at their disposal, no privileges. All it has is its morals and patriotic love for the Homeland of Croatia and the need to cooperate with all the advanced nations of the World.

The Croatian World Parliament, as a unique organization of homeland and non-native members of the Croatian people (non polticians), has initiated the process of uniting political parties, associations and creative individuals (Not Politicians), who will jointly act in the next parliamentary elections with specific goals and objectives and specific proposals and solutions to a way out of his severe moral and economic cricys that plagues the entire Croatian people and the state of Croatian.

All parties, associations and individuals retain their programs and personal identities, accepting a commonly agreed identity and and programs that they as future MP's, will fight for (not as politicians but exclusively as representatives of the entire Croatian people or (deputies) and to elect, in order in order for them to be realized.

Croatian scientists from Croatia and the World, as the most aware experts in the political and economic situation in the Republic of Croatia (not politicians), have developed numerous economic and other programs that provide financial security for the entire Croatian people for at least 50 years. 

This short film lastin 7 minutes

Video from Zagreb rally. 15.03.2018: Fnaz7ONsU

We hereby call on the entire Croatian people in the country and throughout the world to unite in order to intellectually, physically or financiall help their Homeland Croatia and the Croatian People to get out of the mud to move on to a better tomorrow Today's way of governing should be gradually changed and replaced by a system of direct or direct democracy, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, which says that the Government in the Republic of Croatia comes from the whole Croatian people and belongs to the people. This power, through a system of direct or direct democracy, should be returned to the entire Croat people, who will, most often through a referendum secure their interests in such a way that the people will nominate candidate for Parliament, who will be elected by the entire Croat nation and elected (not politicians but deputies) which will suit that people. It is a great responsibility on the part of the participants of this programand on the whole Croatian people to wake up and take their own dstiny and the destiny of the State of Croatia into their own hands.

With High esteemed respect!
coordinator: Mr. Sc. Niko Šoljak 

Account member :

Preč Transaction account (IBAN)HR2423900011101

Translated: Gospoša Margaret Siegrist ( USA )