CROATIAN PEOPLE it is time to look into the mirror and ask what are we doing to ourselves and  what are you doing to the state of Croatia, what are we doing for the future generation. Have we forgotten the suffering, the many lost lives, the Croatians  who gave their life for Croatia? Did we forget that in the homeland war, so Croatia can live  15,000 best honorable, moral, Croatian sons  and daughters gave their life in order to give life for real social democratic sovereign contemporary and independent Croatia?  Today we all see that our country is not legal or social, it is neither sovereign or contemporary because it does not provide its citizens with a decent life and security. Yours and my country Croatia, entrusted to us by God, to mange this immense wealth and to become the richest country among countries in world today; That she can not feed those 4 million inhabitants and, the young experts that you are generate to develop your and our Croatia, that  today's Croatian state forces them out into the world,(belly for bread as they call it) to build and develope other countries in the world. Your retirees and other social categories overwhelm the trash container for survival. In Croatia today, every day there is more and more homeless people whose lives depend on public kitchen where they get one meal a day.

After such great sacrifice, is this the result of Croatian peoples work? Is this your work?  Was this your goal?  Is this the state you aspired, fought for and died for? Do you even realize what you did to yourself and your  future generation? What do you hope for?   Until when will you calmly watch while you are being undercut and pealed right down to the bone.  Furthermore, how long do you need to suffer before they, once again,  turn you into slaves in your own country?
CROATIAN PEOPLE You have the richest country in the world: Slavonian plains can feed 20 million inhabitants, Croatian forests, rivers that only from the sale of drinking water  you can live a comfortable live 4 million of your inhabitants. The Adriatic Seas with its islands where all of Europe can vacation and your 4 million people can live off of tourism. 
The Croatians have a God given richest country in the world, they have millions of people around the world who are first, second, third , fourth and fifth generation. Your predecessors, to their proportional numbers, gave the world science  more than any other people in the world. Your members are well known and appreciated all over the world. The so-called Diaspora, the people you renounced, is an intellectually physically and financial gold mine!  Why is your nation going hungry today?  Because your educated youth is forced to go out into to the world, look for work elsewhere, for ,as they say, belly after bread.
The pensioners dig through the garbage containers to survive. You have 330,000 blocked families per 3 members, which makes up one million of your citizens who can not pay the basic living conditions!
CROATIAN PEOPLE  you realized your life long dream when you created your own State of Croatia, one where you rule, one where for centuries you were forced to kneel before foreign rulers who ruled and controlled you.


Today once again you have your own State of Croatia. You freed her from terror of strangers who have been for centuries forced you to kneel before them; But now that you have your own country, rise and stand up on your own two feed and kneel before no one and make a legal, social, democratic, sovereign, contemporary and independent state that will honor and assist all members of the Croatian people where very they are. Every honest and moral member of the Croatian people should contribute to their future in an intellectual, physical and financial form. Intellectually contribution understands the specific education of people  in different ways that involve direct communication with citizens at any place and at any time. Financial contribution means a payment of at least 1 kunas or a dollar on a transactional and foreign currency account: Croatian World Asembly No:                                    HR 2423900011101044596, conducted by Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. Zagreb, to enable intellectuals and other activities of Croatian World Parliament to cover at least fixed costs that are inevitable in organizing citizens gathering, by which they would spread the truth and inform  the Croatian citizens of the need to elect NOMINATED REPRESENTATIVES IN SABOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA.
I ask Croatian Citizens,  those who are not ready to help the Croatian people intellectually,physically or financial not to work against the Croatian  people  and the state of Croatia, because the state of Croatia is their mother, who feeds them and hold them under their wings. Thank you.
Information on the phone 0038552576349
e-mail : hssd@hssd.hr  or at: nsoljak@gmail.com




Translated to English: Margaret Siegrist