Number: 1-11-35/2018
Poreč, 17.08.2018.


CROATIAN PEOPLE, in all your goodness and nobility, you are experiencing and witnessing the deepest erosion of our economy, and absence of dignity, underestimation and degradation and that which she with bloody hands and great difficulty attained.  The loss of  human values, dignity, problems  was brought on by incompetent past and current administrations which, with individual appetites of politicians, indebted us and brought us to the level of Slaves which was their intent.


Social and individual economic status in the most beautiful and geostrategic positioned richest country, is devastating. Not realizing that corruption and political garden  is culminating and, at this moment where 89% of the population is suffering from inability to absorb the situation but is willing to recognize unity  as a goal for change into a more prosperous prosperity.

The generation spread throughout the world as well as the recently endangered ones realize the importance of personal role of the people in deciding for   themselves , their own shared God given values. Instead of enjoying people's primary and essential values free of charge, natural resources become a source of profitable political gain.

The people and the space bordering international borders make up the Croatian country where the state, elected by the people, carries out the legislative, executive, judicial and monetary power.  The state is not the property of parties, politics , church EU. UN, etc. The state is exclusively national and the will of management can only be by the families of all Croatians, host of this space.

Collective consciousness evolved and energy directed toward prosperity underlined with markers of peace, wealth and prosperity, spreads both with and beyond our borders, among all members of our people who'se residents are spread across all continents. 

The Croatian World Assembly invites you the people to decide. Propose ideas and define the need to become a party of fraternity, with mutual respect and trust , but also personal responsibility. We recognize many Croatians from the economy, culture, science, innovation, sports, medicine, and so on, and some  honorable politicians who just joined our group so they can share love with their national family. 

Do so and you immediately become united, one who will be free to decide what to participate, whether to pay a high price for water, energy, how to formulate clear laws.  How to influence justice and fairness let the processes of revision be activated.

The unanimous effort is for the state to be the stimulus and motivation apparatus for living. Present friendship to foreign policy, justifying the perception of our internal structure, the social/democratic framework. Building a reputable country, proud of all the coming  generations, we support a plan for coexistence in peace, joy, love, and the choice of the way of wealth and prosperity. 


Man is a friend of  man, and in  trouble a brother he becomes. We do not seek consolation in gossip, protest, disturbance, but let us recognize the program and the team who can, will and know, carry us without delay to the goal we set ourselves.

We invite you to spread the mat on which we want to sleep:

Each individual nation can be considered as a multiple contributor, so we invite you to fill out the questionnaire without delay and become part of a selfless national team that is aware of your acceptance of a perspective program that addresses your ability, knowledge and capabilities. 



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