Poreč, 17.08.2018.


For the Croatian people with a special invitation to Croatia intellectuals. 

Croatian people in Croatia and in the world!

Today, during the Homeland War you, my people, once again bled for your country and reclaimed International Recognition for the newly formed State of Croatia the land of Croats for which, for centuries this nation fought for 
 protected and was defended by the best of the best. Sadly, many of whom did not get to see or share in the glory or victory they helped bring about to reestablish their own country Croatia.

Euphoria greed and eagerness, a chance to once again control a sovereign state of Croatia did not prepare her countrymen for the future much less for generations to come.  You left Croatia in the hands of special interests groups and of questionable character individuals.  When these interests groups took over, they did this with no regard for its citizens. There was no enforcement of regulation or was there government control. In other words, they gave away interest which, would have benefited Croatia immensely. This move put you the people personally in debt. In doing so, you enslaved yourselves, created slaves and servants out of your own home and country.  There is an old story: There was a small baby elephant chained to a small stake embedded only a few centimeters deep in the ground. Next to that lay a gun.  The baby elephant tried to lift it several times so he can free himself but, the gun was much too heavy and task much too difficult for such a little boy.  Eventually, he accepted his fate.  When he grew up, he could easily lifted that gun or pulled himself up from that stake to free himself, but, he did not even try. Why? Because in his mind there was a built in-recognition that he could not. He was under the impression that the gun and chain was the reason he is unable to free himself.  The same is true of the Croatian people today. 
In the back of your mind, you hold your state (Croatia) captive in the subconscious part of your brain. You victimized yourselves and built within you a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness so you don't even try to change your existing condition.

You the Croatian people have your own country for which, you are accountable and can shape in your own best image, interest and ability. With all her resources she (Croatia), can provide you with a happy future for 20 million people. Unfortunately immoral crocked politicians will not guarantee a happy future for 4 million people.

 We especially ask Croatian's intellectuals to do their part and be the integral voice for the voiceless and conscience of the Croatian people, we ask you to become a national guide and lead the people to a happy future.  


Based on the conclusions at the scientific meeting held on March 15, 2018  "  We ask every Croat  in the homeland and Diaspora to,  Instead of the current party politics where, a candidates for the Parliament propose the president of the party to run, and the members themselves choose, and in tern, the elected is answerable and accountable to the corresponding party president such as 9SDP, HDZ) and NOT the people who chose them. 

I ask the entire Croatian population in their homeland and Diaspora, to please,  on the next parliamentarian election that, they propose and choose NATIONAL  parliamentary representative one which, will represent the people, whom people choose and one who will be answerable and accountable to the people instead of today's party Croats practice where a candidate for Parliament represents the wishes of the President of the party, which people think they elected, but in actuality they are accountable to the President of that party, namely the party, but not the people who elected them.  
Croatian people need to propose NATIONAL representative who is an honorable and moral Croatian who loves his homeland, who knows, can and will serve the people, and one who will propose these programs today and bring others to realization in their entirety.  

Croatian people , it is time that we take our future in our own hand, and with a  stroke of a pen remove this GOVERNMENT so that the people can enjoy their God given days of Croatian resources. I call on Croatian people to understand and take hold, be accountable for their country's  (Croatia) future  WITH the best of their understanding capability and ability.
There is a greate responsibility for Croatian intelligence which is most responsible for the Croatian people and the state of Croatia, and it is time for Croatian intelligence to accept this responsibility and act in the spirit of honorary moral values and to be the pride of the people to which they belong.


By bringing together scientists and experts from various sectors of Croatia and the world, men who have worked out and elaborated economic and political programs that provide  financial security to the Croatian people and the state of Croatia for the next 50 years, as confirmed at the scientific meeting held on March 15, 2018 in attachment no.1 short video. These programs are listed in the short-lived movie attached to Appendix 2.
Part of the economic program was adopted by the Council of Europe on 28.10.2018. With these programs, all the prime Ministers and the president of the republic of Croatia were introduced to the  Government (without which national programs can not be realize) that they accept with our professional support. 
Unfortunately the effort was fruitless, there was no meeting of minds or understanding by any government agency beginning with Mr. Sanadar, Mrs. Kosor, Mr. Oraškovič's  or current Prime Minister Plenkovič. Not one of the above named tried to accept or realize its potential even though they were signed by the minister of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. 

We urge the Croatian people, in the country and throughout the world to vote for these programs electronically (pencle) and to elect honest honorable moral persons in the next parliamentary election in Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, who will be able to win these programs.  To restore the people hope for a better tomorrow to know that better tomorrow can only be provided by the Croatian people and no one else.

I urge the people of Croatia to select those programs and to secure their financial security of Croatia for the next 50 years for present and future generation.


Link to the Meeting in Zagreb on 15, March 2018.
Link to the HSSD  old video 
Prijevod s hrvatskog/Translated by
Margaret Siegrist