Number: 1-11-28/2018
Poreč, 17.08.2018. god.         



Highly respected defenders of the Republic of Croatia!

You were the moral plane for the Croatian society, prepared to give your life for your country and free her from Serbian aggression and homeland  traitors.  With overwhelming courage and sacrifices you were able to secure best condition for Croatia to become internationally recognized. 

After the homeland war was over and the political war had just begun, you withdrew all the moral and honorable values, ones which, not long ago, you were ready to die for.  You surrendered the state of Croatia to politicians, the very people whose ideals, just yesterday you vehemently fought against. You failed in setting up a secure state of Croatia for her future so that the moral and honorable values you so bravely fought for could provide and benefit the Croatian people and the state of Croatia. 

In your struggle, Croatia became an internationally recognized state, but in the interim she lost her way, she destroyed her honor, moral ground and honesty which, is the basic criterion of the Croatian people in Croatia and throughout the world. Since that time, Croatia has become a soft target a non-humane regime whose financial values and personal interests and interests for specific interest groups who undoubtedly rule the Republic of Croatia. For many defenders, special interests became more important  than the interests of people and state they fought for. Defenders who did not reconcile with the existing situation, 3,300 committed suicide, many still living are on the edge of existence and are wondering what they the were fighting for. 

Croatia as the richest country in the world, has the resources to feed 20 million people, today half of Croatian citizens are hungry and many dig through garbage containers to survive because, they can not feed themselves or their family. With the use of credit, the Croatian nation achieved  an international recognized statehood, and for decades and centuries has lots its moral and material value ( society politics, health, education and housing policy.) She  once held a  heights moral values world wide and  was recognized as a nation world wide.  Thank  God, this rating is still held by the Croats who live and work outside the Republic of Croatia. 

Unfortunately in the Republic of Croatia, morality, honor and honesty are of no value because, the individual values of interest groups that Croatian state put in debt bondage prevailed, and the Croatian people became servant in their own country. At a scientific meeting held in Zagreb one 15.03.2018 ) short video  attached= decision, conclusions and recommendations to all subjects in the Republic of Croatia areČ. The future of the Croatian people depends on direct of direct democracy to choose NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES. We urge all Croatian Defense Counsels to assist the Croatian people in understanding and accepting economic and political programs to propose and elect NOMINAL MEETINGS to the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, which will be listed in the short video attached to this program no . 2 realize


The program in the old video in attachment no. 2  is composed of and produced by united groups of scientist from various professional background and walks of life  in and out of Croatia, in order to secure the financial security of the Croatian People for the next 50 years. 

Part of the economic program was adopted by the Council of Europe on 28.10.2010.  this program was sent to all Prime Ministers and President of the Republic of Croatia who were urged that Government (without which, national programs can not be realized) with our professional support, would accept and endorse.  

Unfortunately the effort was fruitless, there was no meeting of minds or understanding by any government agency beginning with Mr. Sanadar, Mrs. Kosor, Mr. Oraškovič's  or current Prime Minister Plenkovič. Not one of the above named tried to accept or realize its potential even though they were signed by the minister of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. 


Since the Economic and Political Program meeting held on 15.03.2018, and the Council of the Croatian People was accepted by the Croatian People and the World.  The prospect of organizing the next parliamentary elections was launched to elect the honorable, moral people to Croatian Parliament. To realize these programs, in order to give the Croatian people the power to elect national representatives and men who will initiate the process of change in the Republic of Croatia with democratic means.  

We urge you to support this program in order to stop the debt and the spread of mudslide in which, the people and the state of Croatia has fallen in.  By doing so, they stagnated the economy and enslaved its citizens of their own country.  At the scientific meeting held 10-03.2018  Croatian Defense Counsels was invited to quote:  " We ask the Croatian Defense Forces to unite, organize and consolidate into one organization, become one subject decision maker and, ceased to be the object of peacemaking settings for unacceptable foreign interests.  


We ask 1,300 leaders of the Homeland Defenders Association to renounce their personal interests and return to the ideals for which, they are ready to live and to help the Croatian people stop negative trends so Croatia can move forward for a better and happier future. 

We believe all Croatian Defenses Forces who work and deal in the Republic of Croatia, will uphold and support these programs, that they will unite and create balance to enable the citizens and the state of Croatia prepare for a better life. 

Thank you in advance
With a high esteem and respect.
                                                                                       Niko Šoljak


Link to the Meeting in Zagreb on 15, March 2018.
Link to the HSSD  old video 
Prijevod s hrvatskog/Translated by
Margaret Siegrist