Number: 1-11-30/2018
Poreč: 17.08.2018



Respected members,


At a scientific meeting held on March 15, 2018,  Political and economic programs was adopted, with the realization by which, it guarantees financial security for the state of Croatia for the next 50 years. (Short film attached to Item 1 and details of the part of the program of the old film attached to No.2)

At this meeting,  among other things, all the parliamentary representatives were invited (We quote: " We ask all honorable and moral members of Parliament and all state officials of the Republic of Croatia who are morally, honestly and doing their duty fairly and  honestly to assist the Croatian people in choosing NATIONAL MEETINGS to serve and to respond to the Croatian people through direct or direct democracy and elect PEOPLES representative complete " end of quote.  

We call on the parliamentarians to search their conscience, examine their moral and honorable qualities and ask themselves these question, whom do they serve?   The Croatian people, the party they belong to or their own personal interests? 
Parliament, as the highest legislative body which, under the Law and the Constitution, should be in the service of the Croatian People and the State of Croatia while safeguarding and evaluating national values in order to ensure the financial and political security of Croatian citizens, protection and security of individuals and state interests.
 Parliament by Constitution should be the people's voice, bear in mind that all parliamentarians under the constitution of the Republic of Croatia derive from the people and work for and belong to the People. 

By bringing together scientists and experts from various sectors of Croatia and  the world who have worked out and elaborated economic and political programs that provide financial security to the Croatian people and the state of Croatia for the next 50 years, as confirmed at the scientific meeting held on March 15,  2018 in attachment no .1 short video , as well as the programs listed in the short old movie attached to no.2 " Part of the economic programs was adopted by the Council of Europe on 28.10.2010.  

With these programs all the Prime Ministers and the President of the Republic of Croatia are introduced to the Government (without which national programs can not be realized) in hope, they accept with our professional support. These programs have been officially submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, from which, we never received a response. Unfortunately, as there was no response from  Croatian Parliament, there was no response from  any government representatives starting with Mr. Sanader, Mrs. Kosor, Mr. Oreskovic, Mr. Milanovic and Mr. Plenkovič's current President. NOT ONE OF THEM even  tried to accept it, even though the documents were signed by the Ministers of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. 



We encourage the honorable and moral representatives of the current Parliament (We believe they have them) to see that  said programs are  accepted and placed in the service of the people. That the elections take place with the mentioned programs immediately. If they can help  the Croatian people in the next parliamentary elections to chose truly honest, moral persons in the  Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, those who will also run these programs. Please look for these programs and thus secure the financial security for the next 50 years by present and future generations. 

                                                                                                       Niko Šoljak
Link to the Meeting in Zagreb on 15, March 2018.
Link to the HSSD  old video 
Prijevod s hrvatskog/Translated by
Margaret Siegrist