Number; 1-11-26/2018
Poreč, 17.08.2018.


                                                                                            Catholic Church        
                                                                                            Kaptol 31.
                                                                                            10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Dear Father, 

For the third time, the process of unification of homeland and emigrated Croatia has been initiated with the task of realizing the economic and political programs listed in the booklet that we attach to you.

With the first unification of homeland and emigrated Croatia and, a bloody war, we freed ourselves from Serbian aggression and domestic traitors . In doing so we ensured statehood, and, for the first time in history, we have an internationally recognized state of Croatia.

By uniting scientists and experts from Croatia and around the World to help developed and elaborated political and economic programs, the realization will provides financial security for the Croatian people and the state of Croatia for the next 50 years.

We are now facing a third unification of the Croatian homeland and immigration. With courage and cooperation we can realize the economic and political programs and ensure that the Croatian people and that state of Croatia have a good future for the next 50 years.

At a scientific meeting held in Zagreb on 15.03.2018 (short Video: Attached) Decisions made conclusions and recommendations to all subjects in the Republic of Croatia, especially to the Catholic Church, are quoted as follows: " The future of the Croatian people depends on direct or direct democracy, in order to choose NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE. 

We  pray the Catholic church protects the Croatian people, which is  one in the spirit with the Holy Father Pope Francis, that his daily focus is to turn the Church to the people and becomes the voice of the people because, all the authority in the world have removed themselves from the people. They do not serve the people only, their personal interests and economic and political interest groups.

We are hereby attached our  program of economic reconstruction of the Republic of Croatia in Croatian and English with the request that the Supreme Commander of the Catholic Church, thus the people of Croatia Support these programs in order to realize a united force of the homeland and emigrated Croatian.

With the support of the Catholic Church, we will be able to respond to the Croatian people in Croatia and in the World that the Catholic Church supports these programs. 



The program we provided is created by uniting  scientist from various professions from home and aboard, through which the financial security of the Croatian people will be ensured over the next 50 years. 

Part of the economic program was adopted by the Council of Europe 28.10.2010 . All the prime ministers of the Government and the President of the Republic of Croatia were introduced to these programs, asking them that the Government (without which the national programs can not be realized) accept the same and  with our explanation has a better understanding thereof.

Unfortunately, there was no common ground with  any government official starting with  Mr. Sanader , Mrs, Kosor, Mr. Oreskovic, Mr. Milannovic and Mr. Plenkovič the current President. NOT ONE OF THEM  was willing to accept or acknowledge its potential even though it was signed by the ministers of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. 

Since the Economic and political Programs were accepted by the Croatian People and the World  through the Croatian People Council, after a  scientific meeting  held on 15.03.2018, a program organizing  the next parliamentary elections was launched and realized to elect honorable, moral people in the Croatian Parliament programs.  
Croatian citizens in Croatia and around the world ask us whether these programs are supported by the Croatian Catholic Church?
We did not have an answer to this question, therefore, we urge you to support these programs to give the Croatian people the power to elect national representative who will initiate the process of change in the Republic of Croatia with democratic means and stop the flow of mud in which the Croatian people and the state of Croatia fall into and entered into debt  and servitude, by which the Croatian nation become a servant in his own house. Considering that we are at a scientific meeting on March 10-03- 2018 among other things, we called on the Catholic Church to help reverse the negative trends  and move forward to a  better and happier future. We believe that the Catholic Church will support the unification of homeland and emigration of Croatia to unite the Croatian forces for the common life.

Thank you in advance,

With great respect. 

                                                                                      Niko Šoljak


Link to the Meeting in Zagreb on 15, March 2018.
Link to the HSSD  old video 
Prijevod s hrvatskog/Translated by
Margaret Siegrist