Number : 1-11-25/2018
Poreč:  17.08.2018 


                                                                    Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts                      
                                                                    Trg. Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 11.                                 
                                                                    10 000 ZAGREB

Peoples intelligentsia carries the torch for forward thinking ideas and preservation of national and religious self-reliance, together with the Catholic Church, they preserve Croatian language, culture, history, national identity. They struggled with their mind and pen for advancement of ideas, they insult parties in their   nationalism knowing full well that by the knowledge of their past they build  the basis of their future. Moral norms , commonly know values for the intellectual part of the Croatian population have never been questioned. It was a national and integral intelligence while deeply divided from the inside by the involvement of politics and authority on free intelligence and intelligence that put this capabilities into the function of the current political regime. Regularity intelligence was the award-winning privilege of their works. They also wrote the story that thy did not have to have moral quality. The Regime loved them, and they enjoyed all the power benefits. Intelligence, which served to its people, who did not come under the umbrella, had no rights even once, they were deprived of basic civil rights. After the liberation of the state of Croatia from the Serbian aggressor and domestic traitors, general chaos rises. 
Suddenly, on the same path, there were regimental intellectuals and national intelligentsia, which was the driver of change and the soul of the people. Regiment intellectuals national acquired changeability quickly adopted to the new regime and again (and still exist) moral examples on the ideas of these against whom the fought yesterday with the pen and mind serving the authorities themselves. 
For them a huge historic fact happened, as if had not happened until the national intelligentsia remained in the plane without a goal re-convicted and pushed to the margins of society. Yes, they see everything sideways, that those who have been burning and burning up yesterday have now simply been show in the light of other ideas.
National intelligence obviously thinks that, with the independence of the Croatian state, their goal has been achieved. They jumped in the pitfall of that happiness that we, as a people got our state, that we have achieved our goal and are convinced that everything else will be solved by itself.  However, there are problem that every day become bigger and bigger. Only one problem has been solved by the independence of the State of Croatia, while hundreds of others have been unsolved. After the child is born, he needs to be raised and trained for life. It was only now that it was necessary to shake hand and systematically work, set the foundation of a Croatian state, introduce the rule of law and social justice. 
Croatia's introduction of the rule of law and social justice, enables the state to live with its equal states in contemporary Europe.

At a scientific meeting held in Zagreb on 15-03-2018 ( Short Video: Attached) decisions made and recommendations made to all subjects in the Republic of Croatia, especially the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, to be the voice and conscience of the Croatian People:

"We plead for the Croatian Intelligence Croatian Academy of Science and Art, to be voice and conscience of the Croatian people to become NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE to lead and guide the people toward a happy future".

Attached is a program of economic construction of the Republic of Croatia in Croatian and English and request that you, as the Croatian Academy of Arts and Science, support these programs in order to realize these jointly combined forces of the homeland and the emigrated Croatian.

With your support we will be able to respond to the Croatian people in the country and  throughout the world, to inform them that the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts supports these programs and, will do everything within your power to realize it.


The programs we provide you are created by the unification of scientist from various professions from home and abroad, through which, the financial society of the Croatian people will be ensured over the next 50 years.
Part of the economic program was adopted by the Council of Europe 28.10.2018.  All the Prime Ministers of the Government and the President of the Republic of Croatia was introduced to these programs, asking them that the Government (without which the national programs can not be realized) accept the same and realize it with our explanation.
Unfortunately the effort was fruitless, there was no meeting of minds or understanding by any government agency beginning with Mr. Sanadar, Mrs. Kosor, Mr. Oraškovič's  or current Prime Minister Plenkovič. Not one of the above named tried to accept or realize its potential even though they were signed by the minister of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. 
Since the Economic and Political Programs were accepted by the Croatian People in Croatia and the World through the Council of the Croatian People, after the held scientific meeting on 15.3.2018  a program of organizing the next parliamentary elections was launched to elect the honorable, moral people in the Croatian Parliament to realize these programs. 
Croatian citizens in Croatia and around the world asked us whether these programs support you and the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts?
We do not have a response to this question and we urge you to support these programs to give the Croatian people the power to elect national representatives who will initiate a process of change in the republic of Croatia with a democratic means and stop the mudslide in which the Croatian people and the state of Croatia fell and entered into debt and slavery to the point that the Croatian people become servants in their own home. Considering that we are at a scientific meeting ,on March 15,2018, among other things, invited the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences to help the negative trends stop and Croatia is moving toward a better and happier future.  
We believe that the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts will support the unification of homeland and emigration of Croatia in order the jointly with the Croatian forces for the life of Croatia. 

Thank you in advance 
With high esteem and respect,
                                               ¸                                       President:


Link to the Meeting in Zagreb on 15, March 2018.
Link to the HSSD  old video 
Prijevod s hrvatskog/Translated by
Margaret Siegrist