Dear Friends,

We will provide you with a program of economic and political reconstruction of the Republic of Croatia, Please help us realize this program

With respect thank you.


Prevela sa  hrvatskog Gospođa Margaret Siegrist

In the Organization of the Croatian World Parliament, held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Graber Kitarovic scientific gathering held on 15.3.2018.g. at the national Library of Zagreb.

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After the Croatian hymn and a minute of silence honoring all patriots who died and suffered for the state of Croatian from the seventh century to today, was presented an economic and political programs (detail and continuation of the text) that provided the Croatian People with financial and political security for the next 50 years.
In the Assembly, it is particularly emphasized that there is no Ustaša (Ustasha) in Croatia, there is not Partisan, no Chetnik, no left or right, but only moral and immoral, honorable and dishonest, honest and dishonest people as members of the Croatian people.
Rather than solving the acute problems of his daily life, it was emphasized that every division of the Croatian people's endeavor to deliberately turn the attention of the people on it self.

Participants of the Assembly are unanimous about introducing a system of direct or direct democracy that would elect the true PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVE in the Parliament. This could realistically find a concrete solution to the political and economic progress in RH. The system of direct democracy would gradually ensure the conditions for a necessary change of the existing party that represents the biggest obstacle to the successful work and systematic development of the Croatian People in which, NATIONAL members would no longer be responsible to the party president and only to their people who chose them.
(More details below in the presentation of President HSSD mr. Sc. Nike Šoljak.)

At the meeting, a unanimous consent of all those present who, in accordance with their knowledge, abilities and capabilities started the preparation process for the parliamentary elections in order to be ready for the nomination and election of NATIONAL to the Croatian Parliament.

I extend an invitation to all subjects of the Croatian Society and members, who have been invited to help Croatian people in the homeland and the world and, to help the Croatian people to consume the right guaranteed by the Constitution and finally to take their destiny into their own hands to provide a happy future for the present and future generations.

Many participants at the meeting have put themselves at the service of the Croatian World Parliament to jointly secure the conditions for this realization.

Presented economic and political programs that provide Croatian National Security for financial and political security for the people for the next 50 years.

1. GENERAL AND POLITICAL PROGRAM: in Croatian and English.


 Introduction The party's choice of representatives in the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia is based on the lists (lists) of candidates drawn up by political parties, as a proposal for their parliamentary representatives who were elected by secret ballot and, who for their ineffective work directly correspond to their political party and thus serve. Namely, it is the party and their advocates voters voted for and not the people's party who they believe they voted for.Therefore, there are no national representatives in the Republic of Croatia today, but political party representatives, ie direct representatives of the presidents of these political parties. These representative have to execute the orders of their presidents, which at the same time are being revoked by the presidents of their prospective political parties, who ordered them to vote in Parliament in the first place. Notwithstanding, the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia should propose and elect the people. Parliament should receive instructions from the people and directly respond to the people who can revoke them and choose new people in their place. Thus, by the system of direct democracy, it is the people who propose candidates for the election of independent men in the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia. The people are elected by secret ballot, for their work the people's deputies respond to the those who revoke them, if they do not perform the will of the people.

The Fundamental Goal of Direct Democracy System:

The fundamental objective of DIRECT DEMOCRACY is that the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia as the highest legislative authority becomes a true national parliament in which, parliamentarians will represent the interests of the Croatian people through the formation of the Croatian state of law, this will bring the appropriate laws to the will of the people. Carried out by the attentive follow-up of the judicial authority, also formed by the people in accordance with the Constitution and the Law, to be adopted by the People's Parliament. As a true national power it will no longer function in the known interest groups that have until now adopted the Constitution and all laws solely for the purpose of achieving their personal and group interest which, is always in clear conflict with national interests that cannot be specifically substantiated as it is seen every day and everywhere.

The Basic Task of the Direct Democracy System:

To the join forces of all the healthy, honorable, moral, honest, citizens of the Republic of Croatia, regardless of which Association, party of organization they belonged, to ensure that the Croatian People may elect independent People's Deputies in the Parliament Assembly of the Croatian parliament, the representatives whom the people will propose and choose the best people Croatia has. In the process of nominating candidates, the Association, the Party and the creative individuals from Croatia and the world will be included in order to propose to the joint forces the most capable moral honorable honest persons, who are not concerned with the public interests, who will know and be able and willing to protect the national interests of the Croatia, the people and the state of Croatia.


1. Declare the exclusive economic zone on the Adriatic.

2.Introduce monetary authority to high international standard.

3. Establish the World Bank of Croatia.

4. Return the money from Croatia (about EUR 35 billion), according to date information from Croatia from 1990 to 2010.

5. It will provide a real development strategy for the next 30 years, which will stimulate direct investment (FDI) as well as the large use of non-refundable funds for EU funds.

6. Promote production and secure the purchase of all agricultural produces produced under a special rural development program.

7. Promote the production of meat and meat products and ensure the purchase of all produce quantities.

8. An international tender will be set up and the process of realization of the economic reconstruction programs of the Republic of Croatia will be launched , which are listed in the following short film. which opens 250,000 thousand new jobs.

9. The low-floor, bi-directional and electrified railroad Rijeka-Zagreb-Botovo will be build, so the Republic of Croatia will receive EUR 1 billion from the position rents.

10. The "Container terminal" will be build, so the freight traffic will increase at least by 1000% compared to the existing catastrophe.

11. A large business =logistics hub " Miklavlje" will be built and Rijeka Harbor will be able to transport more then 4.5 million containers (TEU) annually and thus increase GDP by 4.2% a year.

12. The "international BusinessCenter Karlovac" will be developed, which will link the EU with the largest market in the Middle, Middle and Fare East with 2/3 of all world consumers.

13. A network of railway lines will be built between port terminals and logistics hubs for internal cargo containers at a strict normative rate of 75 TEU/h.

14. The new mother terminal or main terminal "Omišalj" will become Croatia's largest transport and logistics center.

15. Construction of a new railway-road bridge on the mainland - the island of Krk.
16. Construction of the new "Kraljevica" railway station.
17. Construction of the IMONODE railway in Rijeka[Koper_Trieste.

18. Construction of the Danube-Sava (Vukovar-Šamac) canal, thus bringing Croatia into the largest inland waterway network in the world.

19. Construction of the Rugvica consolidation strategic junction at Zagreb-Karlovac.

20.The international Youth Center in the area of Vrgorac, Makarska and the city of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be build in Ljubuška.


1. Arrange the state border with all neighbors on land and sea.

2. Design of the Republic of Croatia

3. Reduce the number municipalities or units of local self-government to a sustainable level.

4. For mother with 3 and more children, provide income in the amount of average monthly income and all employment rights as if they were employed.

5. For all children, the Republic of Croatia provides free accommodation in kindergarten.

6. All students and students of the state of Croatia provide free education.

7. Introduce a system of direct democracy, which means that people will directly propose and elect their representatives in power, with the right of recall, which determines their deviation from the adopted work program.

8. By virtue of the Constitution and the Act on State Officials, forcibly bans work in state service and state=owned legal entities, which prove to be guilty of any embezzlement or deprivation of civil rights or some other counter-narcotics.  

9. Reduce the number of parliamentary deputies instead of current 160 to 77.

10. The Constitution incorporates of the party's holders, from the lowest office to the President of the Republic of Croatian, with the right of revocation and without the right of immunity.

11. A law sill be passed that proclaims the entire Republic of Croatia to be an ecologically protected area.

12.. No law will be able to go to the procedure of adoption in the procedure of adoption in the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia.

13. Ensure the Parliamentary Agents perform their honorary duties and receive compensation calculated by the coefficient 9 of average income in the Republic of Croatia.

14. Termination of financing of political parties from the state budget of the Republic of Croatia.

15. The termination of the financing of all the institutions of the state budges of the Republic of Croatia, which in any way, by this work and action, inflicts damages to the Republic of Croatia or in any way ruin its reputation on the international community.

16. Introduce Mandatory Voting for Government Representatives in the Republic of Croatia.

17. Introduce mandatory military service of 3 to 6 months.

18. Adopt the law that 50,000 signatures need to be collected for a referendum, making the referendum binding on the government and Parliament of the Republic of Croatia.

19. For all selections in the Republic of Croatia, it is mandatory to achieve at least 50% of the votes plus on vote of the number of registered voters plus 1 vote.
20. Organize the planned urbanization of the Republic of Croatia by counties and at the level of the Republic of Croatia.

21. Organize and train centers for the development of the Republic of Croatia by counties, cities and municipalities.

22. Provide young people with housing.

23. VETERANS, by function and not by choice, participate in the government system form the Municipality to the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia.

24...Youth by function not by choice, participate in the government system from the municipality of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia.

25. PERSONS, by function and not by choice participate in the government system from the Municipality to the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia.

26. A criminal complaint will be files with DORH and the International Court of Justice in Hamburg against those State official who have concluded Hydrocarbon exploration and exploration contracts prior to the declaration of the Exclusive Economic Zone, according to the 1982 International Convention and the law of the Sea. And, to the same institutions to file criminal reports and against the responsible persons in the government of the Republic of Croatia.

1. To stop the application of the privatization law until a new law is passed.
2. To suspend the concession law until a new law is passed.

3. To suspend the enforcement of the Enforcement Act until a new law is adopted.

A candidate for the Croatian Parliament will not be able to meet the following general terms and condition.....------

1. To accept the economic and political programs of independent People's representatives.

2. Until he signs a contract on the right and obligations of the National Parliamentary Representative.

EXPLANATION or Conclusion

The Croatian World Parliament, in cooperation with Croatia scientists, experts of various professions and all other citizens of good will, in association with the civi initiative "NAŠA HRVATSKA or OUR CROATIA " , organizes the INNOVATIVE NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES, representing and representing citizens in the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia. The Croatian People through independent folks list on which the best moral people, whom Croatian people have in Croatia and in the world, who know, and can and will give up for the general good of the people and the state of Croatia. Elections take place in all constituencies. The presentation and realization of the Economic and Political Program is based on the fact that the Republic of Croatia, with its resources given from Good, can provide much better conditions for the dignified life of all its citizens. Unfortunately , all the political parties so far did not use these resources for GENERAL BENEFIT of all the inhabitants of the Republic of Croatia but mostly for their personal and private interest. Independent People's Deputies will be serving the Croatian People, they should serve the people, to ensure a decent life and financial security for all over the next 50 years. On this list of independent People's Representatives there will be persons who know, can and will DEFEND AND PROTECT CROATIAN NATIONAL INTERESTS, which will, by their definition and honest work for the common good, ensure closure dignity and happiness in the future. Jointly with Diaspora, called Independent People's Representatives, is being elected for election in all 11 constituencies. All proposed person will accept the said economic and political programs on the list and will sign their resignation with their signature at the Notary public, which will be able to activate at the moment of deviation of the parliamentary representative from the mentioned economic and political program.

COMMENT: With The Delivered Democracy,
             Democracy Program

1. Who will accept the subject program?

The subject program will within its abilities and limitation accept, honorable, morally solid persons who are not broken by the winds and vices but are uplifted as permanent dignitaries members of the Croatian people without dividing them by their national, religious or other affiliation. There are dignitaries who know very well that there is no Ustaša in Croatia, there is no Partizan, no Chetnik, only good and bad, honest and dishonest, honorable and dishonorable, moral and immoral people. 

Honorable, moral and sincere people through their work, prove that they do not accept any other division of the Croatian People, except those who truly are for Croatia as their only homeland and, who are willing to allow part of Croatia to respect the victims and suffering of Croatian patriots who have suffered And died for Croatia.

 Those who appreciate the good works of Pavelić,Tito,Tuđman,Mesic,Josipovic,KolindaGraberKitarovic. These are patriots who treasured and arguably value the good and bad deeds of each individual and all Croatian presidents based on scientifically established fact, on material evidence that are scientifically established truths about  the good and bad acts of the mentioned individuals,




There has been enough division and group labeling. We on the other hand feel, every man is deserving.
No president of the Croatian State should be abandoned regardless of how well or poorly he/she perform/s his/her work.
With love, faith and without hate we recognize every man has a good and bad day but, we on the other hand, seek out the best people we can find who can be useful to us.


This program will not accept individuals (Croatian people) who deem Croatians to be Ustaše, Partisans, Četnic and other divisions, basically those, who most often pound their chest to promote their own agenda. 

To the big "Croatians", who seek to lift themselves up with other peoples monuments and graves.  Those people, by their egoism and hatred toward their opponents do great harm to the people and the state of Croatia.  These individuals only undermine themselves. In dong so, they prove everything they are not by exposing, that only their justice exists. 

To some of these individuals, Pavelič is God, others Tito, for third Tudjman, for the fourth Mesic, for fifth Josipovič,  and sixthe Kolinda Graber Kitarovič etc., and for some none is worth mentioning. 

Those individuals frequently change their ideals based on and depending on the social group they associate with, setting themselves up as judge and jury, labeling ungodly minders without debate to the contrary or scientific proof. By doing so they are making enormous damage to all people in
Croatia and our society as a whole. From their prospective aside for their truth, no other truth exist which, is unsustainable. 

Poreč, 17.03 2018. 

                                                                         Mr. sc. Niko Šoljak
Croatian World Session 15.3.2018
Presented by Niko Šoljak

Dear friends,

For you who are here today and many others who have joined us for a variety of, possibly justified reasons who are not her today. The citizens of the Republic of Croatia expect us to answer these questions. 

What should we do? How should we make negative trends to stop and be turned around for the benefit of the Croatian People and State of Croatia.
After several centuries and bloody homeland wars, the Croatian people managed to liberate Croatia from Serbian aggressor and the domestic traitors. The Croatian people received their internationally recognized State of Croatia. This had sealed a centuries old dream of the Croatian patriots.
After this accomplishment and the National Intelligence realized their dream and assumed they were done. They did not continue the fight or have a plan to enable Croatia to make its state accountable for future life. Essentially, they left the Croatian people virtually believing their work was done.

The  intelligence regime against which the national intelligence, (for centuries), fought against, had only turned its coat inside out. They became passionate about the work at hand and reaped the fruits of their struggle. They took over the defenders and the entire Croatian nation.  

Immediately after Croatia's  succession  from Yugoslavia, began a process for adopting the National Laws, which opened the way where moral values were replaced by material goods. 

With 55 years of experience  the regimes intelligence of the former system sided with the worst, and that is the rule of the people. However,  this system adopts the same party system, which introduces that same party-system which rules the people, whereas they have no limitation of power and, do not have a realistic dogma. Conveniently they are responsible only to themselves and they can return to fleece the society.

All other positive values from the last system have been erased. Social Health and other national values that the Croatian people   secured for them selves for the past 55 years.

These values have been destroyed and new values created which  bring people into a state of hopelessness. 

In order for the regime intelligence to legitimize their illicit action, the Catholic Church and other worthy charitable organization  of the Catholic Church, who received an annual income of several hundred million Kuna were dissolved first, in order to support their corrupt structure and not support the Catholic people. 

In order to disperse the most expressive moral structure of society the home defenders,  they divided it between 1,300 presidents , vice- presidents, lawyers, secretaries and all that goes with it.  They provided them with peoples resources, so that the presidents would be content and not care about the structure of power and their counter party activities.  The third obstacle in their dishonest actions were Croats who live and work around the world, the so called Diaspora, they got rid of them as well.

Under a)

They embarked on the Croatian World congress of HDZ, which became their signature office of the world. The road this Croatian Congress takes and Croats throughout the World implement politically and openly is to push forward HDZ policy, which is, to continue to publicly label Croatian people, by stating, those who are not in HDZ are against the State of Croatia.

So as not to make problems for the young Croatian State, many respectable Croatians pulled back and became withdrawn. 

Under b)

From diaspora, they brought in likeminded people who engaged in dishonest work and aided these planners to divide the nation. With division of pray, the planners, the Croats in Croatia and Diaspora, proved that the Croats from Diaspora were equally dishonorable  to the ruling in the Republic of Croatia. 

Under c)

Croatian people who came to Croatia with their moral honorable intention with clean hard earned money in hope of investing in Croatia and help create opportunities for Croatian people.  

Those people,  by various bureaucratic methods and means were conveniently destroyed, therefore, we do not know anyone who returned has honorably and honestly created his business in RH, or, that his business is not on what is fundamentally stolen land from the Croatian people. 

We know many who come to Croatia with a few million dollars and after a couple of years lost everything. They lost  their buseness, money, property and were forced to return to the country they come from. 

This is how the Governing Structure was undetectable, by the Accountable, Judicial and Executive Authorities in the Republic of Croatia.

They hold absolute authority on money privileges, media. They completely separated themselves from the people who have no way of of retaliating the absurd lords  who today hold royal authority in Croatia today.

Undeterred they can rule as much as they like.

According to the laws that have been brought to the Croatian People, the assets that people have been generating for centuries have been taken away.

Morally and materially the people are brought to the level of beggar's cane.

With such a system governing every government in these 27 years annually sells national wealth in the amount of cc3  to 5 billion euros, plus, a yearly loan of 7 to 10 billion euros. Thus, the Croatian People are spending 10 to 15 billion euros annually more than the state earns. 

Today, after 27 years of independence, all government have sold national wealth of about 100 billion euros plus, indebted the Croatian people for another 57 billion euros (Official Data) and economist are much more in debt than officials politics show.

We spend 10 to 15 billion euros annually more than we make. 

From the former Yugoslavia we inherited a debt of 3.3 billion dollars and had cca 150 billion euros national wealth. 

God has given us the richest country in the word, one that can feed 20 million people, whereas in Croatia today, one quarter of the peasants do not their basic needs.

The biggest tragedy of all is that the ruling party. Daily they feed the people with Ustaša (Ustasha), Partizan, Chetnick, udba  conveniently diverting the blame to those entities, when in fact, it originates from them.

The tragically that people accept it. Look at the media, everyone is fighting for justice  brought out by some individual who  coincidentally filed charges against the other. The people are working not against them but against each other. 

For the most part the people are doing exactly what the ruling party wants them to do. Look for enemies everywhere except in your own back yard. 

Croatian diplomacy does not protect Croatian interests in the world. With a few exceptions, the World undeniably continues to proclaim the Croatian people genocidal.

With such systemic disruption of the real problem and causes, we now have the most divide Croatian people in history. 

Everyday rhetoric comes down to prosecution, proving and prosecuting thieves, criminals and those who carry out these criminal activities.

The president of Croatia
The government of Croatia
The institution of the Republic of Croatia,
They are talking to individuals, 
Virtually no one in the Republic of Croatia is good. 

People feed on unimportant things that do not pay for damages, while the real problems but fails to see and recognize or mention the unseen honorable exceptions.

Today the Croatian people have no foreign enemies. There is no Ustasha, no Partisan, no fascist or antifascist, no left or right, only respectable moral people and  immoral people. We have patriotic and no patriotism. For all other division, sectors  the Croatian people work against themselves and their own future. 


The first united and inspired Croatia was achieved in the homeland war, when we jointly, with our forces liberated the State of Croatia from Serbian aggressor and homeland traitors, thus, securing the international recognition of the State of Croatia. 

Other united homeland and expatriate scientist of variious occupations have gained the abolishment of economic and political programs that provide funding and politically security of the disastrous 50 years.

We are now looking at a third united homeland and evicted Croatia, to realize those programs, thus securing financial and political security of the Croatian People's Republic of Croatia for the next 50 years. 

You know that change of government can come by chance or by necessity.

The Croatian people know it, we believe it will. 

Thank you honorable moral patrons of Croatia, throughout the world and, you, here today, who have hope for a better tomorrow. Together we fight and defend our the National Power, so that the current patriarchal power is gradually overtaken by the national authorities.

I believe that in the next election the people will propose and chose their NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE who will respond to the election that elected by them and not the party president relative to the party. 

The future of the Croatian People depends on the straight forward direction of democracy that elected the NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES.

I ask the Catholic Church to  stand up and protect the Croatian People in the spirit of the holy father Pope France. For the church to turn to the people and to be the voice of the people, because all those in authority in the world, have departed from the people they  do not serve the people but their particular interest.

I ask all the worthy religious communities, to help Croatia to understand and accept the program to process and elect NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE.   

I ask the Croatian Defense Forces to organize into a single organization so they become a subject of decision and not object subordinate to decision of foreigners to Croatia, and Croatian Nation who have unacceptable interests.

I ask the Croatian Intelligentsia of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts the Croatian Academy of Diaspora to be aware of the Croatian people, to come to NATIONAL  INTELLIGENCE and be the voice to raise awareness of the Croatian people, to guide and become leaders of the future. 

I urge all Croatian people in Croatia and abroad to propose a Electoral Representative of the country who will be nominated by the people in the next parliamentary election;  propose people to choose and to replace the people instead, of the former party practice when the candidates for the Parliament propose the party president whom the people choose and they correspond to the party president and not the people who chose them. 
The Croatians should propose and select as their representatives, honorable, moral Croatian patriots who know and can give hope, listen to their people and who will make these proposed programs today and others yet to be realized.  

I ask the honorable moral parliamentarians and all the states of the Republic of Croatia who morally honorably and honestly announce their duty to help the Croatian People to elect the People and candidates who will serve and respond to the Croatian people . 
I ask all of you who are present at today's Assembly to start the process of applying direct /directional democracy in the environments and limits of its possiblities to CHALLENGE AND CHOOSE NATIONAL MP-s in the Croatian Parliament to elect the candidates in the next elections and elected to the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, thereby upholding the trend of sinking ships and mud RH and gradually ensure the conditions for starting out of this difficult moral and economic cross in which we are today. 

I urge all foreign diplomatic representative to engage in the Croatian People as friendly people to be able to enrich their spritual and material values in sport, pray and other activities, thereby contributin to the prosperity and goodness of mankind. 

Thank you.